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the truth about probate - it can cost more than just money (especially if it starts while you are still alive)
Most people focus just on how much probate might cost them in pure dollars.  There are other more personal costs.  This is especially true if you enter probate while you are alive.  That's right, you can be in probate even if you are not dead.
The reason why you should never add someone else's name to your title
It may be easier to just add your daughter, sister, or friend's name to your car, home, or bank account.  This is something that you should never do.  It can cause problems with medical assistance, the IRS, and your estate plan.
did you know that you can unintentionally disinherit your kids?
When we die, we lose control of our money and assets.  Most couples intend to pass their assets in this way, but it can result in their kids getting nothing!  Learn how to avoid this tragic mistake!
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